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  • dexthageek
    Apr 13, 03:08 PM
    No HDMI, and it will cost 2K...but oh boy will it look great on a wall!

    It will support HDMI, BUT it will require the DisplayPort -> HDMI Adaptor (Not Included).

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  • Chimera
    Oct 24, 08:03 AM
    I think it is �50 cheaper for the base model in the UK

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  • hayesk
    Dec 1, 02:46 PM
    I would really like to see how they installed this.

    As far as I know, a web page can't save and install files, so how does the adware get installed in the first place. Does it trick the user into running an app? If so, then I wouldn't consider that a security hole.

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  • NT1440
    May 1, 10:51 PM
    I expected your post to be something along this view ... can you source the fact he has little or nothing to do with Al-Queda?

    I suggest reading up on what Al-Qaeda has become since the war on terror started. I'm trying to track down my terrorist textbook to source for you in the mean time.

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  • Cinch
    Jul 11, 06:00 PM
    wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wi-Max whatever)? I used to think that this was a cool thing to have in an iPod. an iPod with internet radio capability sounds like a really cool idea. I'm lukewarm about now.

    We already have wired music share libraries on our computers (college campus). I just don't have the motivation to explore other's music library. I turn my sharing off, quite frankly I'm embarrass to let the world know what I'm listening to most of the time:D .

    The next step? An iPod phone. It should do two simple simple simple simple things (1) act like a basic phone you contacts, missed calls, dial calls etc and (2) behaves like a 4GB Nano. yeah I know, Motorolo Rokr didn't meet the challenge.


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  • YoNeX
    Nov 4, 01:07 AM
    Ok so here's the newb question of the day!!

    Have to buy Windows correct regardless of Parallels or VMware?


    As for some results, I really can't post performance results, but I can say that this competition in the virtualization market is good and we should be getting an excellent product for VMware (hopefully, if they give us a more of a workstation than a player).

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  • Arnopoulos
    Apr 14, 07:28 AM
    My app isn't a universal binary and it still has that place holder.

    Bubble Poppers (

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  • bimmerfreak0
    Apr 11, 01:21 PM
    I wonder what the point of this connection is...seriously. I don't connect 20 HDD's at a time in RAID 0. The only use I could see for Thunderbolt over USB3 is when I am trying to use the same connection for a few 30" displays in CONJUNCTION with SSD's in RAID 0....

    I just can't see anything using this type of bandwidth...not at least until SSD's completely dominate the storage market.

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  • gameface
    May 2, 02:58 AM
    I guess that'll teach him for using his real address on Playstation Network.

    I chuckled. But wouldn't it have been more advantageous to empty his bank account first? ;)

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  • Salacion
    Apr 21, 10:43 PM
    I'm happy that there's a like/dislike system now, so that we can see how negative the reaction is towards Full of Win's comments. :D

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  • cybeross
    Apr 25, 05:35 AM
    Sorry to burst everyone's bubble... but I don't believe this is a US phone. My iPhone 3gs has been on t-mobile for almost 2 years now... ...because that's the standard carrier in the Netherlands...

    The +1 before the phone number definitely lends to the probability that it's intended for foreign use.

    I can send a screenshot of both my and my gf's phones that clearly say: T-Mobile 3G on them... :D

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  • MacRumoron
    Aug 15, 01:44 PM
    i like the new Preview look :)

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  • satty
    Jul 24, 05:12 PM
    AppleInsider has a series of photos of the Bluetooth Might Mouse

    Very nice pictures. Looks like an "inside job" :cool:

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  • zorinlynx
    Apr 13, 08:58 PM
    They could have avoided all this drama by just not announcing the white iPhone until it was ready, but noooo.

    If no one knew it was planned, there wouldn't have been all this bitching, and Apple could have surprised us with it.

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  • rjfiske
    Aug 15, 05:09 PM
    Call me crazy, but I'd not be surprised if Leopard was a free update for Tiger owners - if not all Mac owners.

    You're crazy. :) But one thing I would like to see is a free upgrade to iLife for everyone who upgrades Leopard. Or else some kind of Leopard / iLife buy-together discount. That would be most welcome.


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  • daveschroeder
    Oct 23, 08:19 AM
    oh great. so those mac users who are possibly interested in actually getting a legitimate version now have to pay a lot...

    ...kinda puts one of getting a legitimate version...

    Did you read any of the thread so far?

    You can use Vista Home standalone in a virtualization environment legally.

    This is purely a misinterpretation of the EULA.

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  • Squonk
    Oct 24, 08:06 AM
    Apple's headline: "...Seatbelts Sold Separately."
    Bad marketing, seatbelts suggests crashing.

    I hear you. Maybe, this means installing Windoze is optional... he he he ;)

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  • Tastannin
    Apr 13, 09:20 AM
    The Thunderbolt Wiki ( has a diagram showing the TB controller's access to things. The accompanying description ("Thunderbolt can be implemented on graphics cards, which have access to DisplayPort data and PCI express connectivity, or on the motherboard of new devices, such as the MacBook Pro.[5][17][22]") implies that a TB compatible PCIe graphics card could bring older systems up-to-date. That would be interesting.

    Do you trust Wikipedia? :) In fact the line above this one on Wikipedia says: Because the PCIe bus does not carry video data, it is unclear whether a standalone PCIe card could offer a Thunderbolt port. The Intel Thunderbolt Technology Brief does not give a conclusive answer.[3]

    Everything I've read that is sourced to Intel says an add-on card won't be possible. It's my guess that the integration for Thunderbolt needs to be deeper than an PCI Express card, especially with its capability to carry video/data. It may be that Intel does not want people confused by data-only Thunderbolt ports. OTOH, I'm not a Thunderbolt engineer, so I may be completely mistaken. :D

    Great find. Let's hope Apple releases a card for the Mac Pro.

    Technical issues aside - odds are that Apple would rather sell you a new Mac Pro with Thunderbolt onboard.

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  • mc68k
    Oct 29, 05:53 PM
    Let us know what time per frame and PPD you get...this thing is slow as *****. i may turn off hyperthreading and see if that makes a diff

    Oct 20, 03:22 PM
    I thought I did everything right but... I did find that it was running another wu on 8 cores after I set it up, duh. Fixed that but it still won't pick up the bigadv so I thought maybe they are out of them? it will pick up normal wu's if it can't get bigadv one's. And maybe I need more than 6 GB of ram?

    also, you need to have a passkey and completed 10 WUs with your passkey before you'll get a bigadv unit

    Apr 29, 02:55 PM
    considering that amazon sells mp3 format and apple sells their non-universal format, it still doesn't matter to me. Until apple gets real and starts selling MP3s I will continue to buy from amazon. But I guess they don't care.

    Apr 28, 04:06 PM
    Those iPhones in the photo are the exact same size, just a simple case of forced perspective. The White iPhone is tilted ever so slightly to give the illusion of increased size.

    Nov 6, 05:36 PM
    I believe those are American Eagle flannels. I have a few and they are really nice. Seeing those makes me want to pick up a new one. :p
    I found 'em. I like them. I want to pick some up too....

    Apr 28, 06:16 PM
    I think getting a white backplate and keeping the black front is the best of both worlds. That white front looks ugly and disoriented with an obvious front cam and that black PS (looks like sharpie has been applied to the mesh grill original design), and when the screens off, looks even worse.

    I'll stick with mine :)

    I think just the opposite is better. I like the white front but I think the white back is hideous.

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