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  • John Jacob
    Oct 19, 05:09 AM
    I'm leaning towards MacPhone for the Blackberry/Treo/PocketPC killer with an embedded/lite version of Mac OS X.

    Remember, any Apple product using Mac OS has to have "Mac" in it's name from now on per SJ.

    So consumer iPhone and MacPhone, or, MacPhone and MacPhone Pro, if the consumer phone has an even more slimmed down version of Mac OS X on it.

    Not very likely that a phone product would use a version of Mac OS X, however slimmed down. Mac OS X does not have the real-time capabilities that are required for a phone to handle call processing. Symbian OS, Windows Smartphone OS (based on WinCE) and Linux do have real-time extensions.

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  • eMac4ever
    Oct 18, 04:31 PM
    Mac sales really have been increasing the past couple of quaters. Hopefully, those new Mac buyers continue buying Apple products. Also, It's a good thing I own some Apple stock. :D

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  • jlyanks85
    Sep 14, 10:56 PM

    Had the limited pre-ordered and picked it up today. Kinda regret not getting the legendary edition.

    Seeing pics of the halo reach console are getting me jealous lol. I'm a halo nut, I might just end up buying it. That's if it's still available and not sold out that is.

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  • mrfoof82
    May 3, 07:46 AM
    No 512GB SSD option. I would've gladly paid the premium for it (+$1200 instead of +$750), considering how much of a PITA it is to get at that (full logic board removal).

    Choosing any SSD brings shipping time up from 1-3 days to 4-6 weeks.

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  • Loves2spoon
    Mar 10, 07:14 PM
    Poor Jon Cryer... They should give him a spin off!

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  • Mherm88
    May 3, 07:44 AM
    UGH why can't there be a 128GB SSD+1TB 7200RPM, comon now.

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  • ComputersaysNo
    Apr 13, 04:03 PM
    I'm going to make a wild and crazy shot: Apple is teaming up with Bang & Olufsen and sell TV's with build-in Atv's.

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  • rdowns
    Oct 18, 07:39 PM
    Historical Mac shipments by quarter.

    1Q2000 - 1,377,000
    2Q2000 - 1,043,000
    3Q2000 - 1,016,000
    4Q2000 - 1,122,000

    1Q2001 - 659,000
    2Q2001 - 751,000
    3Q2001 - 827,000
    4Q2001 - 850,000

    1Q2002 - 659,000
    2Q2002 - 813,000
    3Q2002 - 808,000
    4Q2002 - 734,000

    1Q2003 - 743,000
    2Q2003 - 711,000
    3Q2003 - 771,000
    4Q2003 - 787,000

    1Q2004 - 743,000
    2Q2004 - 749,000
    3Q2004 - 771,000
    4Q2004 - 787,000

    1Q2005 - 1,046,000
    2Q2005 - 1,070,000
    3Q2005 - 1,182,000
    4Q2005 - 1,236,000

    1Q2006- 1,254,000
    2Q2006- 1,112,000
    3Q2006- 1,327,000
    4Q2006 - 1,610,000

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  • Krafty
    Jan 26, 09:13 AM
    Ha sound like me...typical college student. I've been selling stuff and have returned about 4 things in the past week because they all sucked!
    Agreed. I had some cash left over and been meaning to look into remote earbuds since my stock apple ones died and I didn't want to purchase those again. Fell into the marketing scheme a little bit by the Dre's, but I wanted buds that wrapped around the ears since in ears are difficult for me to keep steady.

    Found some Phillips for $50, so I'm going to get my $162 back in a few hours.

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  • acslater017
    Jul 25, 01:04 PM
    It seems unlikely that Apple will employ this none-touch technology in the next-gen iPod. Can you imagine how much battery life it would take? Just to prevent fingerprints?

    I imagine the full-screen iPod will indeed use a touch-screen in order to increase screen size - but it's impractical to employ motion sensors in a gadget like this, which people use while walking, in their pocket, in their car, etc.

    I'm not saying Apple will do this, but a more practical solution would be to coat the touch screen with Durabis (the Blu-ray scratch coating) or something similar so that scratches and fingerprints don't show up. That would be MUCH cheaper, conserve battery life and space, and allow for sort-of tactile-feedback (at least touching a smooth surface) and easy operation - keeping your fingers floating just above it is a novel but inconvenient way of doing things.

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  • dwd3885
    Apr 29, 03:26 PM
    With all the improvements made to Amazon MP3 lately, there really is NO reason to buy music from the iTunes store anymore. None.

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  • calsci
    Jun 9, 08:56 PM
    all i have to say is wow.

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  • macrumormonger
    Apr 13, 10:38 PM (
    Camera Canon EOS REBEL T2i
    Exposure 1/4000 sec
    Aperture f/2.8
    Focal Length 35 mm
    ISO Speed 100

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  • Melrose
    Feb 1, 04:27 AM
    I've lived next door to people like him. If you idolize this man, you have a screw loose.

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  • LethalWolfe
    Apr 29, 05:01 PM
    I say that it's not wise to just lower prices if you're going to lose money on every sale.
    Selling loss leaders is a very common retail tactic and is used by just about everyone (including Apple).


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  • jeffzoom91
    Feb 1, 10:31 PM
    Super excited.

    Fantastic Lens even on a crop body, had the opportunity to shoot with it for about two weeks across Europe, makes me resent my lowly 24-85 :D

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  • 840quadra
    Dec 1, 07:05 PM
    ... As far as some Script Kiddie wanting to make a name for themself the mass of mac users would need to be higher. There are still currently not enough mac users to warrent such acts, you would not get notice......

    I hope you understand what exactly you are saying. Under 10% is still Millions of systems. Included in that small percentage are hundreds if not thousands of businesses, thousands of schools, and many home businesses. Like anything in life, there are people that like the easy stuff, the work that effects the most people, or the work that provides the most challenge.

    Worldwide impact is likely motivation for some hackers, however it doesn't include all of them!

    I would strongly advise against dropping your Limewire habits and moving towards more legitimate sources for your content.

    I am 100% in agreement with this statement! Besides P2P shares like this are a hotbed for corrupt files, trojans (windows world(for now)), and it is being cracked down more and more every day.

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  • Le Big Mac
    May 4, 03:18 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148a Safari/6533.18.5)

    Kinda funny one of my lines just had it's eligibility for upgrade moved up nearly 5 months. Late September to next week, May 9th.

    Indeed. This is silly--upgrade eligibility is usually (always?) phone-independent. AT&T has in the past waived or shortened upgrade eligibility so that people can immediately buy the new iPhone model. But they aren't going to extend it solely because of the release date of one phone.

    More likely the OP (or reporter) dropped a line of service or some services and because his spend went down his upgrade eligibility is no longer "early' and instead is at the usual two years.

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  • Golfwolf
    Oct 21, 09:27 AM
    Using it right now, it is the iMac in my sig. My other half is going to contribute to the initial expense of buying this great machine, so nothing is on my christmas list!!:)

    manu chao
    Apr 13, 08:42 PM
    ????? When did this happen? You do realize that 99% of consumers don't follow this stuff that close and have no idea when products are released.
    That is why I put a mild sarcasm tag at the end of my post, guess this did not work and I have to use [/sarcasm] to get my point across.

    Mar 31, 11:51 AM
    I would much rather see something that better resembles the mobile me calendar, much cleaner.

    Jan 26, 02:27 AM
    Apple reported a great previous quarter, but thinks that the next quarter may see fewer sales due to a perceived slowdown in the US economy (even though anyone with even a gnat's knowledge of economy would know that it is not a big deal). The stock market is a bet on future performance, not past performance, therefore people who have no idea what they are doing [read: most investors] dumped the stock to make their profits. I have 50 shares at a split adjusted cost of $10, so I'm holding on to it for the long run.


    You should've set a Stop Loss at 180 and now be very happy with a new buying opportunity. I actually used this fiasko for the high risk maneuver of buying base 180 Calls for Apple :cool:

    Jul 12, 10:30 AM
    I will agree with you there but however, if apple want to succeed in that area they need to offer more than 2hours(at best) of video playback. Look at Creative users are getting close to 5-6 hours out video playback while still have close to 20hours of audio. And I am getting close to 9 hours out of my Cowon PMP with a 4in screen and clost to 18 out of audio. Additionally apple needs to support to add more video support like divx which is popular enough to have some dvd players to support it and even have players just desinged to play that formart. Just my 2cents

    Apr 15, 03:28 PM
    Well Apple has used up all the "big cat" names like Tiger and Lion which means that either OS 11 is underway or they will be in the embarassing situation of having to use lesser cat names which imply "less".

    Ocelot, Cheetah, Cougar, Fluffy, etc......:cool:

    I for one am ready for OS 11.0 "Merlot"

    Stan: "Surprise! I got us a second wife. You know, to help with cooking and cleaning. Her name's impossible to pronounce, so I just call her Thundercat."

    Thundercat FTW. Why not, what with Thunder Bolt!

    Wine??? Nooooo.

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