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  • JsR
    Sep 13, 02:01 PM

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  • jeeb75
    Nov 5, 10:58 AM
    Has anybody been able to install Vista in vmware fusion. I installed it but I had trouble installing the vmware installation tools.

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  • skunk
    Apr 25, 08:52 AM
    You mean Ayatollah assahola? :)

    Is that thekind of thing you learn from your precious Orthodogmatic church? Impressive.

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  • gnasher729
    Jul 24, 10:52 AM
    50%? Did you forget how much Macs cost? One of the main reasons Dell has such a huge market share is because they are so cost effective and come with great bundles aimed at the average person. 50% of computer users could never afford a Mac.

    What third world country are you living in, where 50% of computer users could never afford a Mac?

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  • jsw
    Aug 15, 02:32 PM
    also how about ability to have bookmarks in a click menu, like yahoo toolbar, where it can be shared among a login on your .mac acct? across all your computers, ie laptop and workstation?
    You can already sync bookmarks with .Mac, as well as access them online.

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    Oct 24, 07:59 AM
    the 15inch hasnt got a 7200 hard drive will that really matter cause im gonna buy it and i do video editing but the 17 is too big

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  • Parkin Pig
    Apr 4, 05:42 AM
    I am so jealous. Love some of the places people in the UK shoot at. This was well captured. The exposure looks really natural and the green is very vibrant.

    Thanks for the kind words. It was my first outing with my new Canon EF 24-70 1:2.8 L lens. It's a lovely piece of glass and seems to just suck in light and colour, although I have to confess to adding a whiff of HDR in photoshop afterwards, just to boost the grass.
    BTW, us Brits are equally jealous at the amazing diversity of scenery (both natural and man-made) that you enjoy in the US. As the saying goes, the grass is always greener...

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  • Ajones330
    Apr 13, 10:00 PM
    That is why iPhone (4) sales will remain close to zero until the iPhone 5 introduction. A white iPhone 4 will not change that very much. :rolleyes:

    Tons of iPhone 4's being sold right now on both Att and Verizon... See it everyday

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  • JoeG4
    Dec 1, 11:21 PM
    I wish they'd spend that time being productive writing new and cool things instead of worrying about what may possibly happen.

    Security should be something that's handled at the low level, not something we have to sit here BSing about all day long and installing programs for. That's the part that bugs me about these stupid &W%@#%*( companies and MS' "anti crapware" program. THE PROBLEMS SHOULD NOT EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE. Boy, that's what patches are for.

    Looking for em is fine, but when people stop making stuff and worry more about designing security crap - **** we'll all be driving aronud armored cars.

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  • Chip NoVaMac
    Apr 13, 11:07 PM
    Meh, my 3G S works fine for now.

    When Apple starts talking about the 64 GB (or better yet, 128 GB - though I'm not holding my breath) iPhone 5, then we'll talk.

    Besides, when my contract is up in July, iPhone 5 talks should hopefully be out. I can wait.

    White iPhone 5 64 GB LTE + white iPad 3 128 GB (Wi-Fi + LTE) - I can dream, can I not? :D

    For my significant other, the 3GS is what they chose as a Valentine's Day gift... just a little upset that they are Jonesing for an iPad 2 ATT 3G right now. AFTER I explained the tethering option for the iPhone 4. :( For them the 3GS is great - so far LOL

    They are now seeing that my advice for the iPhone 4 might have been a better choice; even if they stay with their MBA 11". Been together just under a year together; but it seems I am getting "tech points" on future tech gear purchases. :D

    Just as I am gaining "points" on their choices in "home purchases". :o

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  • Tommyg117
    Jul 24, 09:27 PM
    fantastic idea if pulled off correctly. I can't wait.

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  • ct2k7
    Apr 23, 07:13 PM
    Image (

    Shoot the messenger.

    What of the laughing staff??

    His commentary was laughing at the situation, I believe. It is also reported that they stole victim's personal items.

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  • Apple Corps
    Apr 13, 09:02 AM

    None taken - I'm just posting a "citation" that comments on Apple's major role - might be accurate - might be wrong.

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 12, 10:21 AM
    I've read the post over again and if that was sarcasm, he's bad at it and should stop.

    Well he did have the spec whore thing down and was a pretty convincing Android Fanboy as well.

    The 2 things that convinced me:

    1) The use of 'and...and...and' a lot. Stammering: A hallmark of sarcasm.

    2) He then responded to one of my comments with a very thoughtful post ( Hardly the type of thing and actual Android-Troll would write.

    I was pretty sure based on #1 (do people really not know the stammering thing? I guess not!), but #2 was enough to make me certain.

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  • sanPietro98
    Apr 11, 07:16 PM
    I've been in a "water" mood lately...

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  • lordonuthin
    Oct 20, 09:54 PM
    How can you tell how many cores its using?

    With top in the command line or with activity monitor (utilities/activity monitor); you can see how many cores are running.

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  • rtdunham
    Oct 18, 05:00 PM
    To be honest Steve seems to say that every year, the problem is after he says it the first year if he doesn't say it about the next year shareholders will be more worried about their investment so it becomes a repetition.

    I'm thinking the same thing. Can anyone find the appropriate quote from, say, last year's MWSF? I know i've been waiting since then for the exciting new products he promised: intel conversions don't count, nor do new casings and better batteries for iPods. The MacBook counts as a new product and the sales achieved by it could put it into the exciting category. iTV may fit but it's not coming out til next year. So what did Steve promise for 06? And what fits that bill?

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  • babybanana
    Nov 1, 03:10 PM
    Would quite love this to keep me occupied on the cold nights at uni now.

    I would also love a bridge camera of some sort too.

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  • SciFrog
    Oct 13, 01:58 PM
    Console client, no third party items...

    May 1, 10:40 PM
    Looking forward to the movie version. ;)

    Apr 14, 12:57 PM
    Can you open a third party app (like a game or news app) that isn't already running in the background and let us know if the launch animation runs or whether it still just "pops" on screen like in 4.3 and 4.3.1 ...

    I'm glad more regular people are starting to notice this as well. As soon as I saw signs of it in 4.2.1 I knew this was the usual slow down we come to expect, although they started early this time around. :mad:

    Mar 8, 07:25 AM
    I wonder how Emilio Estevez is doing during all this..

    Apr 13, 02:31 PM
    Time to start the following threads...

    "Apple HDTV Shipping Thread"
    "What do you use your Apple HDTV for?"
    "Apple HDTV Backlight Bleeding"
    "I've got a speck of dust under my Apple HDTV glass cover, should I return?"
    "Darn Apple HDTV Scalpers!!!"
    "What color Apple HDTV should I get?"

    Apr 26, 03:18 PM
    Now I undertand that building this sort of infrastructure costs money and thus it is logical to assume that they would want to recoup some if not all of that investment. However, why would I want to stream music to my phone when I already have music on my phone?

    I agree. It would make much more sense for VIDEO.


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