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funny facebook status messages

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  • EricNau
    Apr 27, 06:18 PM
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    Many users have spent a great deal of time defending their ideals, in response to posts that we'd have to remove under the rules, so we've decided to issue this reminder, leave the previous posts as they are, and ask your cooperation both in following the rules and in reporting posts that do not. Thank you.

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  • The ArchAngel
    Oct 21, 09:21 AM Chrome mini metro. I dont really ride bikes but I still think its an awesome bag.

    Give some thought to the Citizen, which I believe is one size larger. I do bike, but even on days when I don't, I appreciate having the extra space for my laptop and other various junk.

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  • MattMJB0188
    May 4, 09:56 AM
    because if apple is going to say a new iphone is coming, only a fool will buy the old one at full price

    i bet a new is coming in June but apple doesn't want to see a sales drop off. anyone that asks me i tell them that expect a new one in June and don't buy the 4 since it's stone age tech by now

    Yeah, it's 2010 hardware and people keep saying its revolutionary. Doesn't look that way at all anymore with dual core Android phones left and right.

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 22, 10:40 AM
    So what is Apple waiting for with the iPhone 5?

    Apple is adrift in a sea of uncertainty and confusion.

    It was bound to happen, they've opened the door wide. The competition is rushing through.

    This movie is getting very interesting.

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 21, 11:30 PM
    Record-breaking quarters and the position as the trend-setter in consumer tech.

    These legal skirmishes haven't and won't result in any major untoward changes to Apple products. We all know this already.


    That and Apples incredible profit is what makes them look so paranoid, petty, and stupid.

    Instead of acting like the world class company they could be, Apple comes across as fools.

    I must admit, I'm much happier being seen with my Galaxy S.

    When one is seen in this town (New York) with an iPhone they look at you like "oh, you're one of those snobs".

    Yet the irony is they're a dime a dozen here.

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  • Deefuzz
    Nov 16, 09:46 AM
    What are you guys doing to your clothing?

    I have shirts in my wardrobe that are 4+ years old! How are you washing/wearing your clothes that they wear out in 2 years?

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 26, 12:48 PM
    You cant really call what Apple has a cloud. Clouds are designed to span across multiple geographic locations...Apple has 1 datacenter, and zero experience running a cloud service. MobileMe runs on collocated equipment in someone else's datacenter.

    Amazon on the other hand are excellent at working with the cloud.

    nothing has even been released yet. why does a cloud have to run across multiple geographic locations? as long as it's online in the cloud it doesn't matter where it is.

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  • samcolak
    Apr 22, 11:41 AM
    Uh ? GNU is a project, not a license. GNU stands for GNU's Not Unix. It includes things like the GNU Libc, Bash, Emacs, a full OpenSTEP implementation known as GNUStep and various fileutils. It also includes licensing, like the GPL for instance.

    This GNU project that includes amongst many things Bash and the GPL license were launched by the Free Software Foundation and Richard M. Stallman as part of the man's vision of software freedom.

    Don't correct me if you aren't at least going to provide factual and true information. Again, I know what I meant and I know this stuff as I've been dabbling in it for the last 12 years if not more.

    Here are some links you might find interesting if you really want to learn about this stuff, none of these will be on (please don't use to prove points about Free Software) :

    GNU GPL :
    List of GNU projects : (notice Bash)
    An explanation of the GNU project :

    So to correct your post which attempted to correct mine : Bash is a GNU sub-project that is licensed under the GPL. Thank you, I knew all of that already. And technically, you're quite wrong, every GPL package that Apple ships is under GNU licensing since the GPL is a GNU project license.

    I can read Wiki too...

    GPL is a license. GNU is a foundation. I corrected as to the licensing terminology..

    Per your 12 years, trump - my 25...

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  • JRM PowerPod
    Jul 11, 08:19 PM
    If Microsoft try to undercut the iPod in price. Steve will get revenge. He will start bundling all new macs with his pirated version of Windows XP Pro and Office Pro. hehe cop that Bill

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  • vidyashankara
    Apr 21, 11:45 PM
    yeah, apple are stupid....they havnt got a clue what they are doing have they... :rolleyes:

    ooo come on kiddo :) may be you should advice steve jobs on how to run a company... the guy has only turned apple from bankruptcy to one of the biggest and most admired companies in the world today. but he surely doesnt have a clue of what he is doing :)

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  • robeddie
    Apr 21, 09:24 PM
    I definitely disagree with you there. Many companies will remove features to differentiate their product lineups, and provide an incentive to buy high end products. Think Intel, could add hyperthreading and turbo boost to every processor they make for a relatively small cost, but they don't and disable features so they can market you an i7 or i5 instead of a 'lowly' i3. Think auto makers, many will offer a bigger engine along with many low cost trim upgrades as a 'sport' package. They could include all of those minor upgrades in the lower models, but they don't because it creates a stronger incentive to pay for an upgrade.

    With Apple, the biggest reason the macbook air doesn't have a backlit keyboard or 4GB of ram is to save costs to keep their margins up. Also it creates an incentive for people to buy a more expensive macbook pro, or pay $100 extra for the 4GB of ram. Plus, it gives them another selling feature if they decide to bring it back later. Remember when apple removed the buttons from the iPod shuffle, only to promote how great they are when they brought them back?

    If apple thinks that the savings they get by removing the backlit keyboard are greater than the lost customers/profits from removing it, then they are better off.

    All I'm saying is that if, in the event Apple, or ANY other company REMOVES once-standard features ... to later then call them 'luxary' features ... those companies deserve a big round of boos from us - the consumers. That's a pathetic and cynical way to try to goose sales for your higher end products.

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  • tvguru
    Oct 24, 07:49 AM
    FW800 on both sizes.

    200GB HDD (at 4200rpm) available.

    Good initial RAM 1GB on lower models, 2GB on high end ones.

    Everything else seems pretty much the same.


    Can't forget the thing people have been screaming about. Isn't it nice to find this stuff out before 4am Chundles?

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  • Salacion
    Apr 22, 06:04 PM
    If it has the teardrop shape I will not buy it. I hate the look of the iPod Touch.

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  • VicMacs
    Apr 14, 12:30 PM
    down go the gevey sim unlocks!

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  • morespce54
    Jun 9, 04:08 PM
    I know there's a "don't prompt me next time" box that pops up in the itunes settings on OS X.
    On my iPhone it seems I always have to enter my password for every download - there has to be a setting for that somewhere.

    Me too. Appstore ask me to enter my pw every time I purchase something from my iPhone or my iPod Touch (even if it's a free app).

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  • Rot'nApple
    Apr 28, 11:26 AM
    Monkeeboy Eric Schmidt's Android is Goin' Down! ( :D

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  • scrambledwonder
    Mar 31, 06:11 PM
    That's terrible. I use a computer because I don't want to use paper. And I don't want to see paper on my computer screen. Bone-heads. Need to get rid of these old paper-centric fogies at Apple.

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 28, 09:50 AM
    I think it's pretty clear now that we won't really know what "the iPhone comes to Verizon" fully means until next year. Too many variables to learn anything quickly.

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  • Prom1
    Apr 11, 10:15 PM
    Not sure if I would consider "AJA, BlackMagic, and Promise" to be "industry demand." :) I'll give ya Promise.

    I would think having names like Western Digital, Sony, HP, Maxtor, Iomega, and Seagate a lot more proof that TB is being adopted. USB 3.0 has been gaining momentum by leaps and bounds over the past year.

    I have a feeling TB is going to be the next Firewire: sure, it works, but USB is so much more dominant at basically the same speeds. But I don't really care at the end of the day...just something much much faster than USB 2.0 for my hundreds of gigs of data that I copy/move around a bit.

    And yes, for the true true true speed fans that need the best of the best of the best in their profession...sure, buy what you need.

    Matrox has already been highlighted at NAB ~ you missed that. LaCie is an original with "The Little Big Disk" being a small RAID SSD drive with TB expect that mid-summer (salivating over this with aluminum body and very small package).

    USB3.0 will have its place for the commoner � but with TB that'll be its last generation; I presume.

    Question (I'm surprised nobody asked this yet): Does TB bring back MBP Disk Mode? The option to hold "T" on boot up to turn your Mac into a HDD and carbon copy data to external or migrate/image from external to internal?

    I also vote for a port replicator type box for MBP/iMac lineup unit.

    I'm still on the hunt for a Corei5 Quad-Core iMac (I'm still confused why Apple downgraded from that to dual-core i3's)?!!????

    Mar 10, 10:18 PM
    Figure that, unless it becomes active enough to warrant doing so, one thread for OC should be fine.

    We've got South Coast, Irvine, and Brea, maybe another one I'm forgetting.

    Anyway, for those going to the store on Friday, this seems like a good place to post line lengths and poke around to meet up with fellow MR members.

    I'll be going to the Brea Mall store around 3PM or so.

    Jul 24, 03:43 PM
    Make it easy to clean, or I'm sticking with my Kensington Trackball. 10 years, the same design. And I can replace the white trackball with my favorite snooker ball.

    Sep 15, 08:05 PM
    picked up new ink for printer and an enclosure and two hdds

    Apr 22, 04:16 PM
    There is no way it could be that thin.

    Apr 25, 08:13 PM
    iMac with thunderbolt! (but I want macbook / macbook pro with hi-res screen more)

    Btw, do Apple usually give free updates to customers who bought the computer a time period (say 2 months) before new OS release?

    Thunderbolt port for nothing? There isn't a single product on the market yet.

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