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  • (marc)
    Apr 24, 04:58 PM
    You think these girls decided to attack this girl out of love? No, they were bullies who picked out a vulnerable target they felt they could take.

    People get beat up for no reason all the time. It doesn't have to do anything with bullying or the victim being a transgender. From what the victim said, the attackers used a standard "excuse" to start a fight. ("Why are you talking to my man?", if I understood correctly.)

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  • Krafty
    Jan 26, 09:06 AM
    Sold my car sound system and bought an Epson 1400 + Black Ink

    Most likely going to return these Powerbeats by Dre that are killing my ears, and buy the color ink pack.

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  • Keleko
    Apr 12, 04:29 PM
    I have very limited time for pictures this week. I'm taking what easy ones I can and going with it. This is my son on his "new to him" bike. It was found abandoned in Florida by my parents a few years ago. My son is finally big enough for it, and my dad cleaned it up for him last week. (

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  • kingtj
    Jun 24, 03:18 PM
    I'm honestly not too surprised. On one hand, Apple keeps pushing the iPod Touch as a great little portable gaming system (so kids are getting them left and right), yet on the other, they make it a big pain to prevent a kid from purchasing unwanted software on it.

    I know first-hand, because my g/f used to work for Apple, and got refurbished iPod Touches for both of her young kids, after they were constantly borrowing her iPhone. My own daughter got a refurbished Touch last Xmas as well.

    I thought I'd be slick and create a whole new iTunes account for my kid that wasn't linked to any credit/debit card at all. That way, she can only purchase FREE apps unless I pre-load her account with some money from a gift-card first. (My g/f didn't do this, and her 3 year old started buying herself quite a few games one day! Until then, she just assumed said 3 year old wouldn't even be capable of navigating the App Store on her own and doing it!)

    But then I realized all the little games we bought and put on my iPhone a long time ago were not going to be transferable to her iPod Touch without re-purchasing them. No way I was going to re-buy them, and she was getting all upset she had stuff on my phone that wasn't on her Touch. So I wound up redoing her Touch so it shared MY iTunes account. Not happy about that though, and sure enough, despite my warnings, she bought about $10 in software one time!

    Apple really needs to re-think the way this stuff works. I'd be all for something like Android's store apparently does where you can request a refund for anything you download within the first 24 hours.... but frankly, some people will still abuse that too. (They'll start using it as a "free rental" service, grabbing things for a day and then requesting refunds.) So maybe a setup where you can refund apps up to 24 hours later up to the first X number of times, and then the account reverts to only giving refunds within the first hour or 30 minutes?

    haha, this makes it onto MR?

    My little cousin purchased $2,820.75 from the app store on an iPod Touch. And Apple wasn't going to refund any of it until a transcript from an internal chat was somehow included in a email to my Aunt that consisted of very rude talk behind her back.

    I have the emails, but my aunt and uncle aren't finished with the fiasco with Apple's legal team, so I can't show them.

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  • iMeowbot
    Jul 25, 01:53 AM
    Wouldn't it be "non-touch?"

    None-touch doesn't sound right..

    That phrase came from a printed report of a Q&A with Hon Hai CEO Terry Gou. We don't even know if that's a direct quote or a translation, let alone the accuracy of the transcript.

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  • gnasher729
    Oct 24, 05:09 AM
    Ummmm ... The Oct 18 Update in that link says exactly what we've been saying here: you can't legally run Vista Home editions in a VM. Period.

    I would be careful. Macintosh users are probably a bit unusual in that they want to run Vista in a virtual machine _only_, and not as the real operating system. Most PC users would want to run Vista _both_ as their operating system and on a virtual machine; that would be two copies, whereas Macintosh users only want to run one copy. (Of course, most Mac users actually want to run zero copies of Vista...) So anybody issuing any clarification might not have given the Macintosh situation any thought.

    And it doesn't say anywhere that the "dedicated machine" couldn't be a virtual machine in the first place.

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  • jiminaus
    May 3, 08:01 AM
    Order placed. Upgrading from 24" 2.93 GHz Core 2.

    3.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
    8GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x4GB
    2TB Serial ATA Drive + 256GB Solid State Drive
    AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2GB GDDR5

    Hopefully should last me a few years like the old one. 6 weeks to wait though. :(

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  • Branskins
    Apr 15, 02:44 PM
    You do know everyone who has a changelog is under NDA, don't you? Why don't you just go look at the change log?

    You know full well that not everyone who comes here is a developer and are running Lion through other means. I am sick of these posts over and over with people acting all high up and saying things like "Why don't you just go look at the change log?" or "Why don't you send the bug report to Apple" or "Why don't you just post it on Apple developer forums?". Each of these posters know full well what they are doing and it is annoying.

    MacRumors is for Mac enthusiasts and many of its members want access to previews/betas even without being a developer.

    How come no one is ever upset when MR posts information they shouldn't be on the homepage? I don't see people getting upset about them posting change logs when they become available.


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  • kernkraft
    Oct 26, 09:58 PM
    I want world peace and everybody in the world be safe, fed and loved.

    I'm only kidding. I want my well-deserved anal.

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  • fily
    Sep 15, 05:22 PM

    Im such a geek haha.

    Say goodbye to co-op (if that's the 4GB model).

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  • ikir
    May 4, 12:58 AM
    iPhone 4 is more than enough, probably they will update at the end of the year or September. Live with it nerds.

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  • Wayfarer
    Apr 16, 09:39 AM
    Apple could make them an option in System Preferences :p


    YES! We have a choice! Thanks for pointing this out.

    Dear Apple,


    End of story. :cool:

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  • gumbyhw
    Mar 31, 12:15 PM
    Some of us avoid animal products for ethical reasons (no leather shoes or belts, vegetarian diet etc). Can we disable the "leather" chrome?:eek:

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  • bpfesq
    Apr 26, 12:36 PM
    There will be a new product coming out for those that want a free product. It is called The Obamacloud. It will be free to everyone that is on foodstamps, social security and Medicare. The Chinese will underwrite the debt from the startup costs. The product will cost $25000 a month for those rich people because they can afford to subsidize everyone else and they should be willing to pay their share.

    Unfortunately, it won't be available until December 2012 because they will need to make sure you voted for the entitlement party first.

    Please keep partisan diatribes full of hyperbole and nonsense out of this forum. It's invaded too many aspects of our lives already--so please, give it a rest.

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  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 28, 10:57 AM
    DRM is a evil necessity - and one that isn't going to go away - we must live with

    I would be able to use more than one music store... and from my point of view - is a great benefit. If one music store doesn't have the music I want to buy - maybe another does?

    ( And please, don't tell me to burn -> rip - its slow and unconvenient )

    I am by no means saying DRM is not necessary. This is what some people hate though. I understand it is necessary and have no problem with it. I personally choose to buy and rip. Mainly because of quality.

    DRM is great. I am just giving another side of the argument.

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  • rxse7en
    Jul 28, 09:19 AM
    And you really think this is a major factor for people buying a 400$CAD - 500$CAD game console?

    Upscaling DVDs to 720p is something I expect from those 30$CAD no-name DVD players in about 6 months.

    No, I wasn't even discussing what SHOULD BE included. I was discussing what was stated regarding the current situation of consoles and HD. What aren't you understanding?

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  • acidfast7
    Oct 31, 11:32 AM
    I actually stunned by this thread.

    I can't think of anything that I want for Xmas :(

    Can anyone help me? Any suggestions? What's a must-have gift this year?

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  • trip1ex
    May 3, 09:09 AM
    Apple's SSDs are always overpriced and slower than third-party ones anyways.

    Just seems mental how the iMacs are now on second generation Core i processors, yet the Mini is still on C2D.

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  • julianbc
    Jan 30, 01:00 PM

    WELL SAID WMK!!! - I most agree with the fact that the RETARID amount of money bush has spent has caused the decline in faith of the dollar!
    I'd also like to add that Apple is by no means the biggest loser in this current stock slide and will come back. google lost $200 a share! so, they'll all come back it's all about confidence in the US not what was released at MW.

    Actually... they almost are. Your GOOG comparison is a bit off. If you look at the highs and lows in the last three months of both goog and aapl, you will notice that AAPL dropped ~35% from its high of 200 and GOOG dropped ~27% from its high of 741. VMW took a huge hit yesterday, but it was ~33% and its already climbing back up today.

    For the record, I am long AAPL, but I'd have to say it has been one of biggest, if not the biggest, large cap tech loser. But I'm gonna hold on.

    Aug 18, 04:41 PM
    1) Is there now a way to shift several events in time simultaneously, so you don't have to change each one individually when you want to move a group of events?
    Nah you can select more than one event but you can only move one at a time.

    2) When you select several events from different calendars and copy and paste them do they all turn into the same calendar category like the current version of iCal operates?
    Okies I tried to select 2 events (2 different days on 2 different Calendars)
    I then created a new calendar and pasted the 2 into there. Both changed to that colour Calendar. was that what you were after?

    3) Are there any more display options that let you control how events are displayed?
    Not from what I can see.
    the version number of ical is 3.0

    Apr 28, 11:49 AM
    I think the idea of winning and losing here is far more subtle than can be expressed in terms of market share or sales figures. The mobile OS arena is likely to mature into a three player game; Android and WinMob will take the largest user bases - I don't think any analyst would disagree with this. There is no way that Apple's model can compete on absolute sales to the multi-device approach of their competition. But that's only a tiny part of the picture.

    Look at the personal computer space. See how much money Apple makes with a fraction of the worldwide install base of Windows? If Apple can hold onto 15-20% of the mobile OS market (which I think they will) they will be the most profitable of any of the players in the game by a massive margin. What's more they are likely to hold on to the upper end of the demographic, just as they do in personal computers. Their customers will be high earners who will buy music and apps and other content. They'll be invested in the ecosystem in a way which Android users will not be.

    Right now Apple is a huge player in the smartphone business, the only player worth talking about in the tablet game and makes more money from selling personal computers than anyone out there. They own the OS and the hardware and they have placed themselves at the centre of the software ecosystem. This is an integrated approach which no one else offers. This makes them unique. No one competes with Apple because no one else does what Apple does. I don't think Jobs and co. will be weeping into their skinny lattes at the growth of Android or their market share dipping. They'll be too busy counting the money - same as their software partners who are making more from iOS development than all the other platforms put together.

    The future is bright. We consumers now have three top notch mobile OS options and dozens of great pieces of hardware. RIM will go bye-bye soon I fear - WinMob will kill them off. But we're the winners and we have a lot to thank Apple for. I worked in the mobile industry for years and I remember what passed for a smartphone before iPhone. We're living in a future dreamland compared to the crap that came before and that's massively down to Apple raising the bar. Apple wins, Android wins, MS wins and we win. Be happy people.

    Nov 4, 09:57 AM
    I just got an email from VMware about beta testing VMware for Mac. Can't seem to download the stuff because their store is having errors. Hopefully once I get to download it, I can give you guys some results.

    I'm on a PPC but plan to go MacTel next year when Adobe releases Universal versions of Creative Suite. I have some questions about VMware & Parallels if you don't mind me adding it to the thread:

    1. Do they require Windows partitions, and if so how much disk space is needed?

    2. If a partition is needed, can you run the partition on an external drive so as to free up space on your internal? (I'll be using a MacBook Pro so that's why I ask).

    3. Can anyone tell me anything about syncing a Palm device with Parallels or VMware? In particular I'm wondering how easily (if at all) I could sync my Treo with Windows apps as well as OS X apps. This would be huge to me.


    Jan 28, 08:05 AM
    NuForce uDAC-2 for my audio-technica ATH-M50's :D

    Mar 15, 02:56 AM
    I am going to head out to mine at around 8 AM when the mall opens and the apple store is opening 1 hour early so at 9 AM hopefully I can grab my 16GB 3G ATT.

    Brea is opening early?!

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