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funny indian jokes. Indian, Life,
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  • Chundles
    Oct 24, 08:38 AM
    What about MACBOOKS?!

    Hmmm.... let's see. Release two products and get ~1 week worth of press OR release 1 product followed 1 week later by another product and get 2 weeks of press.

    And don't be that annoying "Make everything huge" guy.

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  • koruki
    Jul 25, 04:39 PM
    Next time i wanna buy a $1000 app I'll find an eleven year old to download it so I can claim the money back from Apple.

    "There's an eleven year-old for that"

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  • zoomike
    Apr 13, 03:22 PM
    gene munster's opinions should be flushed down the drain. wish i had a job where i could get paid to make crazy statements. i don't recall his "analysis" being correct..ever!!

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 24, 02:18 PM
    There is a lot of Apple Dick riding going on.

    Here? Never.

    But this does my school did a survey online and we found as March 20 the Ratios look like this- Blackberry 17%, iOS 40, Android 35%, other ties in the rest. Highest selling phone: iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, Lg Optimus 1 series of phones.

    Online surveys are worth the paper they are written on. The best data suggest that iPhone marketshare in the US is stagnant and Android based handsets are booming

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  • 100Teraflops
    Apr 5, 06:32 PM
    This my favorite lamp. It has been in my family for 30+ years. I have taken dozens of photos of this lamp. I used vignette to focus on the lamp and the colorful display on the wall.

    Specs: Canon 60d, iso 320, shutter speed 1/50, 0EV, 30mm, f/4, and lens EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

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  • Glassman
    Aug 15, 02:15 PM
    Aww, no more blue filling up URL bar in Safari?
    I question the same, I liked that a lot, hope it's configurable :( and what about the classical popping sidebars? I don't like the way new Preview handles them inside the window and it seems like this is the way of future, how sad :( I'm not very fond of Mail styled buttons, probably the only Mac design element I don't like very much..

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  • Felix_the_Mac
    Jul 10, 10:35 AM
    I hope they build in support for ODF and stop giving support to MS Open XML.

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  • citi
    Mar 31, 11:28 AM
    Making it look different won't make it better. They should address the usability/functionality, sure.

    It looks like they have. It you've used the iPads calendar app, it's much better than what we have in OSX. I mean, finally an agenda view!

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  • Chimera
    Oct 24, 08:03 AM
    I think it is �50 cheaper for the base model in the UK

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  • ranReloaded
    May 3, 08:02 AM
    Wow... Those are looking hot!

    Actually, they look quite the same than before :)

    But the innards are cool.

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  • obeygiant
    May 1, 10:28 PM
    Let the conspiracies theories begin.

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  • Lollypop
    Jul 12, 03:55 AM
    Apple should take this as a big threat, apple has Ipod/itunes/ITMS, microsoft has argo/windows media player 11/xbox/xbox live/windows media centre and the lemmings that fall for that entire thing! The ipod ecosystem has worked well for apple, but they need to expand it, bring out a media centre version of the mac, break the ITMS away from a single PC and have it accessible from anywhere (wireless not necisarily implied) and try to get PC manufacturers to install itunes on their PC like they did with HP.

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  • arnop
    Nov 8, 09:25 AM
    Two tickets for the UEFA CHampion's League final in Wembley next year :)

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  • Mystikal
    Mar 15, 10:21 AM
    How do you know? I don't want to waste a trip.


    Don't come. 4x 64gb AT&T and one 16 wifi. Profile are still in line but that's all they have.

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  • m3digi
    Apr 18, 12:17 AM
    I'm a little confused. People want to play games on this?

    Would not be my first choice for gaming (not that I play games, but I did do flight sims once)

    Is there anything else I should be concerned about? Maybe external monitor resolution? Movies?....I don't think so.

    Big problem for intensive video stuff perhaps? but then again; an Air?


    Some of the things I've seen people propose for the MacBook Air are completely ridiculous. There are Pro offerings currently available that meet these requirements. Yet, somehow people have this idea that the MBA should have Pro capabilities, a multitude of connectivity options, and ultra efficiency in an ultraportable form factor.

    Doesn't that seem to defeat the point of the system being named MacBook 'Air'?

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  • Razeus
    Apr 12, 08:07 PM

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  • alent1234
    Nov 10, 03:44 PM
    I wonder what battery life will be like.

    Also, how many people downloaded it just so they could watch porn?

    i've had my battery percentage drop while plugged in while watching some iphone compatible video

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  • applemagic123
    Apr 23, 07:21 PM
    Finally, is all I have to say. People have been unlocking and jaibreaking their iphones ever since 2007 to be on tmobile. Apple is finally catching up with the rest of society. It's absolutely ridiculous it has taken this long for tmobile to have the iphone in the usa.

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  • dextertangocci
    Jul 28, 07:58 AM
    This is great news! When the Zune is at its peak in three-five years, it can coincide with the first release of Vista in 2009-2012.

    Do you seriously think VISTA (Viruses, Infections, Spyware, Trojans & Adware) is going to be released that early?:rolleyes: lol.

    Apr 22, 04:47 PM
    F700, announced 2007 feb, released dec.
    iPhone, announced 2007 jan, released june.

    it's clear that the f700 is also a copycat....

    The GSMArena article is wrong there. It is true that the F700 was officially "introduced in Feb 2007", but it was already shown at the IFA fair in Berlin in autumn 2006.

    Jul 24, 11:03 PM
    I may be one of the few these days to dislike his Mighty Mouse. I find the clicking to be unresponsive compared with my Kensington Bluetooth two-button mouse, and I had trouble getting used to it even after a month of use.

    Additionally, my scroll ball after awhile started to not catch on its sensors--it'd spin without moving the scrollers on the screen. I don't know whether it just collected junk or whether it's a real defect in my particular mouse, but either way a lack of scrolling made the mouse unusable.

    Oh, well--here's hoping that Apple will come up with a real second button, or more of a second-button feel, in the future.

    I also speculate that Apple will completely replace their normal mice with the Mighty Mouse models... both wired and Bluetooth. It simply makes no sense to maintain two separate product lines that both function as single-button mice by default. Just my half-cent worth.

    May 3, 08:02 AM
    How can it be TFT and IPS?!! That makes no sense quite honestly... Pish Posh...

    I think you're confusing TFT with TN.
    They're not the same thing.

    Oct 18, 04:35 PM
    Having looked at the numbers in more detail it is interesting that compared to the year ago quarter desktop sales are relatively static and pretty much all the growth in mac shipments is in the portable lines. Good to see Apple add 1bn to revenue anyhow.

    I'd imagine that it's partly due to the long-term industry-wide shift toward portables.

    Aug 15, 01:44 PM
    i like the new Preview look :)

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