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  • louis Fashion
    Apr 26, 03:01 PM
    Originally Posted by Darlo770
    Should have bloody known >

    Originally Posted by louis Fashion
    Well they won't be charging me.

    You wouldn't consider paying $20 per YEAR?

    No, I pay Verizon, I pay COMCAST, I have my music on my iPods/iPad/Imacs another monthly fee is just one bridge too far. If you need it/want it bless you. I have to draw the line somewhere

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  • Mac-Addict
    Oct 24, 09:02 AM
    For the "why only MBP's and not MB's too"

    As said, less press coverage, but also maybe more important is that now there is a gap between the [rosumer line and the consumer line ;)
    Is that good or bad..?

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 18, 04:51 PM
    way to go Apple! apple keeps looking better and better each year. i'm glad i'm here

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  • BRLawyer
    Apr 11, 01:49 PM
    Good sign, maybe I'll be able to buy a consumer external hard drive with Thunderbolt by fall.

    This is more than evident, since TB devices will just start to trickle with the millions and millions of MBP and future iMac users out there. TB is THE future of I/O, especially given Intel's explicit endorsement - USB 3.0 is dead meat in comparison.

    I am gonna buy the new iMac with TB, and hope to get an external TB HD by May at the latest.

    Could someone clarify this for me: Aren't hard drives too slow to make use of Thunderbolt anyway? In a typical USB 2.0 external hard drive, what is the bottleneck in speed: The speed at which the hard drive spins, or the USB 2.0 connection? If it's the USB, then why do people even care about the RPM of a drive? If it's the RPM, then isn't USB 2.0 fast enough to run a hard drive at its native speed?

    No, not with SandForce SSDs getting in the mainstream market now - with their 6Gb/s speeds (and more to come in the near future), they will easily justify the use of TB...

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  • Mackan
    May 3, 08:00 AM
    Apple continues their model to suck most money out of their customers.


    -Can't buy base 21.5'' with 6770M or 6970M.
    -Can't buy base 27'' with 6970M.

    Why does it always have to be that if you want a good graphics card, you must go for the top model, and thereby paying so much more than if you could just customize the base model with it?

    Already know the answer, but let your defending excuses come.

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  • caspersoong
    Apr 15, 02:46 AM
    Another huge update... Apple should test their updates better. These frequent updates are getting really annoying to me and my friends.

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  • gwangung
    Jul 21, 07:44 PM
    By definition, having alternatives makes Apple NOT a monopoly.

    Really. We have an awful lot of ill-educated people around here who think they know economics....Wayyyyyyy too many people are saying that with a straight face.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 12, 06:57 AM
    TB was envisioned by Apple and then handed off to Intel for development and implementation.

    Citation needed.

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  • nefan65
    Apr 12, 09:52 AM
    Well. You have answered my questions and thank you for that.

    This is all the argument that I could ever hear from my colleagues who are not pro-apple or are anti-apple.
    This is what you would here from an android fanboy as well.

    I really like android. The reason I have Nexus S; though I was forced to some extent.

    For me, there's no way for an android phone over an iPhone. In the US? Yes due to carrier interference but not otherwise.

    OK? :D

    Yes, can't really comment on non-US stuff. I'm sure overseas that the carriers are better, regarding updates, etc. At least that's what I hear...

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  • leekohler
    Feb 28, 01:39 PM
    I honestly think that he's just ****ing with everyone.

    I disagree. He's seriously ill. Just look at the guy. He's one year older than I am and he looks ten years older.

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 28, 09:06 PM
    As time moves forward, well start to see a lot of this.

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  • Doctor Q
    Jun 6, 01:23 AM
    How long after you make a purchase does the App Store remember your password so you don't have to enter it again? I presume that's what happened in this case.

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  • MacNut
    May 2, 02:31 AM
    Why?Islamic rule or something.

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  • hobo.hopkins
    Mar 31, 01:13 PM
    Bad interfaces based on silly metaphors isn't a new phenomenon at Apple. May I remind you of this abomination?

    To be fair, the brushed metal interface first debuted in 1999 with Quicktime 4.0. Compared to the horrendous user interfaces of the time period, that looks amazing. It is sad though that it took them until leopard to get rid of it...

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  • rnelan7
    Dec 6, 06:30 AM
    Ugh that sucks! I worked in a desert so no snowboarding seasons for me either : /

    I go to Blue Knob and Seven Springs. Both are in Pennsylvania but I plan on taking a trip out to Winter Park Colorado this winter :D Where do you go?

    I go to Camelback in the Poconos. It's the best thing that is closet to me in Jersey.

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  • whiskeyvol
    Apr 12, 09:22 AM
    HTC sensation > iphone 5
    That is all

    comparing a phone that hasn't been released to one with absolutely zero specs? great analysis.

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    Apr 29, 04:50 PM
    I saw and got my hands on a possible prototype IMac that had a touchable screen and a smug free screen. It also had the earlier uncoded virtual keyboard in the Lion OS. though it was only a prototype but a very realistic one for production. I believe it to be the IMac I and my father both got our hands on earlier this year.:apple:

    The rumor that was release about lion and possible indications of buttons on applications giving my claim more truth.:D two points!:apple:

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  • drew.bowser
    May 2, 12:18 PM
    Ahw.. All because of my birthday? How nice!
    Actually, as has been said before, there'll be public holidays somewhere everyday, 'so many countries' may mean something, but since you're talking about today, tomorrow could very well happen.

    As I have said this before... :) Ill put my money on tomorrow! At least that is what I am planning for...I need a new computer!

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  • Intell
    Apr 26, 01:09 PM
    Just a quick note: The hunter cannot protect against infections. There is no night watch. The night time lasts until I get all the needed PMs or 24 hours. Whichever comes first.

    Oct 26, 08:16 PM
    Canon EOS 7D!

    Mar 11, 07:33 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    As you get closer, there's a person with a box giving out a resevation card.

    Good luck to everyone waiting!

    Jun 6, 11:19 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7E18 Safari/528.16)

    How do you request a refund? Who do you contact?

    iTunes > My account > Account history (find app you want to report) > Report a problem

    (or something similar anyways).

    Now that I think about it - it could be EU thing - AFAIK by law there has to be a way to get refund ...

    Jan 30, 01:03 PM
    I heard on the radio that the first thing he did every morning was to pull up TMZ to see what Charlie had done so if he knew whether to go to work or not

    And I saw a tweet that said that Lindsay Lohan was worried about him
    You know if she is worried about him you have reached the bottom

    LMAO what a boss!

    And Lindsay Lohan being concerned over someone going on a 'binge' be honest I don't even have words to express my thoughts

    Phil A.
    Jul 24, 03:47 PM
    Do people really have that many problems with the scroll ball gunking up? I've had mine for ages and never had a problem with it (maybe I just keep my hands cleaner :D )

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