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  • Peace
    Sep 14, 11:59 AM
    I'll get there! I'm just now becoming a Starbucks nerd.

    :confused: I dunno. Says so online but maybe they are just gimmicking! Or maybe you have the hookup! :p

    Oh well, I'll get a gold card one of these days.

    Wait till you get that platinum card !

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  • alent1234
    Apr 13, 01:57 PM
    they probably had it in the labs, but the pricing finally came down this year. 3D is a dud and internet enabled TV's dropped in price by 50% in some cases since last summer

    if apple doesn't get into this market then itunes is going to be dead in a few years along with other idevices

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  • Moyank24
    Dec 29, 11:10 AM
    People can sign up and pay to watch her eat online. Her website says her favourite food is sushi.

    Anyone who would pay for such a thing may be even more disturbed than she is.


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  • awmazz
    Mar 3, 06:38 PM
    I don't think they're ruling out mental illness.

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  • SMM
    Oct 18, 10:03 PM
    Apple has had a phenomenal run. They are doing this on all fronts. They have 2 Billion CASH! That is a big deal. It keeps the R&D funded. Soon they will be launching their new iWork suite and FCE. Both will provide another big boost in sales of HW.

    Last January, the majority opinion suggested Apple Mac sales would at best be flat for a year while they transitioned to Intel. Yet, they have continued to increase across the board, in almost all product lines. This has been one h**l of an accomplishment.

    Apple has it all going. I expect them to really make a significant statement over the next 6 months. I know they have really been keeping a closed door (and taking a lot of heat) recently. But, timing is everything. Things are going to explode. You shall bear witness.

    You MS and Dell folk, who are posting on here, think of your future. Dump those pitiful stocks, which are going nowhere, and buy APPL.

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  • destroyboredom
    Apr 12, 04:52 PM
    Looks like ill be going to Android.

    Some how I doubt that. You have an iPhone 4 and your upgrade isn't until 11/25/2011 (as previously stated by you). I guess you could go android but it may come at a steep cost.

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  • pcb
    Nov 8, 07:21 PM
    This downhill longboard deck (Landyachtz Evo):

    Hello 50MPH+ :D

    Hello broken bones and doctor bills:D

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 22, 04:11 PM (

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  • DeathChill
    Apr 23, 12:14 PM
    Were you happy when Exxon was making record profits quarter after quarter? Did you go post about it on an oil forum? Did you laugh when they were spanking Shell? As a consumer, not as an investor.

    You're reaching pretty hard there. Apple makes consumer electronics that I enjoy using everyday. They're creating new markets and innovating existing ones. I don't understand how you can think that enjoying that is a bad thing.

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  • renewed
    Sep 14, 12:04 PM
    Wait till you get that platinum card !


    I actually want the Lutetium card.

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  • hotrock3
    Apr 14, 12:21 PM
    BGR seems to be getting pretty good at this. I wonder how they made such an accurate connection inside Apple....

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Aug 15, 01:29 PM
    I think that black bezel stripe is IDENTICAL to the taskbar in VISTA. It looks good, but its too similar. eek!

    They have been in iPhoto for ages. Its Vista robbing Apple again! ;)

    One thing im not too keen on is the Safari loading icon. I think the loading bar in Tiger is much easier to see.

    If you are working in another window you can see the bar shooting along (or not) the Safari window with out looking directly at it. If they keep this new one then you will have to 'actually look at it' to see where its at.

    Some cynics will say im crazy but I think most of you guys know what i mean!

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  • duklaprague
    Oct 24, 08:20 AM
    Since I couldn't find it posted yet: not only does the 15" model come with 1 GB standard now, it's also in an 'upgrade friendly' way: 1 x 1 GB instead of 2 x 512. So, if you want to upgrade your memory later, you can do it fully and are not stuck with an extra module.

    I've currently got a single 1GB stick in a three year old PB - will that be OK to swap into a new MBP?


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  • Detlev_73
    Oct 23, 07:35 PM
    OMG, ROTFL!!!

    This is HILARIOUS! We should send this to all our so-called "friends" who use Windows.

    Well then...if this is the case, who needs XP or Vista? I may just install Windows RG on my macbook pro when I get it. And yes...we educated Windows RG users use only the best hardware. I'll be waiting for C2D too. :)

    For me, it's either Mac OS Windows RG. :rolleyes:

    For a preview of Windows RG:

    :D ;)

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  • asleep
    Apr 22, 07:21 PM
    Sweet. :apple:

    Dunno what all the whining is about.

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  • leekohler
    Mar 8, 09:40 AM
    I can't believe people watch this show. I tried watching it to see what the fuss is all seems like such a formulaic cheesy sitcom.

    I love Bill Maher's take on the whole thing:

    I watched it once and was also amazed it was so popular. It's so run-of-the-mill.

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  • heehee
    Oct 21, 10:54 AM
    A trip to Mont Tremblant.

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  • nonameowns
    Apr 13, 02:02 PM
    any chance for apple shaped tv? ;)

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  • drewu
    May 2, 05:27 PM
    My friend is working an overnight with the visual team tonight at a UK apple store. that only means one thing. cannot wait for tomorrow.

    My friend works for Apple too, but he is working late tomorrow night.... but also said he has been informed (from other employees) that the refresh will be tomorrow daytime. Which is a bit odd. The only reason i can think of, it maybe they are delaying the POS until the US markets/stores/etc open. I am guessing Apple wouldn't be too keen to release something whilst the natives are still asleep!.... but your friend is working tonight.... soooo :confused:

    I really really hope macs are good! I have a �1500 HP, and a �1900 Sony Vaio, and both are playing up! After only 2 years! :confused:

    Obi-Wan Kubrick
    Apr 13, 11:13 PM
    Anyone feel confident buying a white one given the problems they've had getting one made?

    I have a feeling that whatever problems they had with the white color was solved a long time ago. I'm sure they've been ready to produce white iPhones fr several months and are waiting till the 1 year anniversary time fram to start shipping the white iPhone to boost sales seeing as the iPhone 5 was pushed back to September.

    Apr 25, 01:50 PM
    I hope by "next week" they mean "tomorrow"...

    I hope that you are correct, but it does mention May 2nd and 3rd. I know that we will have thunderbolt, but I would also love to see USB 3.0 and Firewire 800. And some impressive GPU options.

    Jan 26, 09:54 AM
    You poor boy. Will this leave a lasting scar? It wasn't 100 pages for me anyway as I view more *posts per page. So there. :p

    No need to be a douche, and for the record, peapody is female.

    I was actually surprised to see she hadn't started the latest thread! She posts enough in them so I guess it doesn't matter though ;)

    Latest for me...
    On hearty italian. 'Twere delicious, my weekly treat to myself.

    Apr 13, 11:22 PM
    Now I'd just wait for the iPhone 5

    Yup. I'm going to get an iPhone 5. Come to think of it, it will be my first Apple product thats not a Mac.

    Sep 30, 10:02 AM
    It's really unbelievable that you see so many iPhones in NYC, I was there recently for three days and received only a couple calls, most of them went to voicemail, also data service was out for hours at a time.

    This poor service really stands out when you live in a small market with 3G service where the phone works acceptably well.

    AT&T has a problem. I've been a customer for many years. Most of my family are AT&T customers. We all live in different parts of the country and we all experience the same problems. Very frequent, way too frequent, dropped calls. I know the naysayers and apologists here say to give AT&T a break. They are experiencing growing pains. Here's what I have to say.

    First of all, my iPhone is a Phone! I expect the phone part of the iPhone to work above all else. It's nice to have the apps but I expect the phone to work 100% of the time. That's what I'm paying for. If AT&T needs to figure out a way to throttle down the data then that's what they need to do during peak usage. Phone calls should be the priority for a phone! I still have a Gen 1 iPhone and will not upgrade until AT&T resolves their problems. When I get tired of waiting for that to happen and my iPhone dies, I'll switch phones and networks.

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