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funny fortune cookie sayings

funny fortune cookie sayings. September 13th is FORTUNE
  • September 13th is FORTUNE

  • logandzwon
    May 3, 08:28 AM
    store is broken, I can't get into the iMac section to order one =(

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  • ssk2
    May 2, 03:23 PM
    You have implied your own proof. The fact that they are in Court at all should tell you money is not going from the site to the record labels / artists etc.

    The only reason the cases have failed is that its not illegal under Russian law. Russian sites are violating international law in making this content available, but international law is very, very difficult to enforce. Especially where the action is legal in the violating nation.

    So by your logic, if you end up in court on flagrantly made up charges, you're guilty by implication? Jesus...

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  • got in my fortune cookie.

  • bousozoku
    Jul 11, 10:51 AM
    Yeah, isn't it nice when people decide unilaterally what is "professional" and what is not? The distinctions are totally arbitrary of course, but it's easy to see how by virtue of this thinking, Word remains dominant. Nothing else will do, because nothing else will do. What a wonderful tautology.

    For the record, I've been using Pages happily and successfully since it came out. Version 2 is an improvement, as well it should be, but that's a long way from saying that version 1 was worthless.

    From his rebuttal, I guess we didn't read what he meant from what he said.

    I actually got quite good use from version 1 after they added the page sorter.

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  • Is this a good fortune,

  • ayeying
    Oct 21, 01:14 AM
    wow. i'm very surprised that ya'll are folding on an air. it seems the fans come on my air when watching a youtube video.

    Might as well right, the fan is pretty much on 24/7 at 6200RPM when I'm at home lol. The only time I see 2500/4000 RPM fans is when I'm at the library or in class. At home, I have music blazing in the background so a little fan noise don't matter.

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  • milo
    Jul 31, 10:22 AM
    I've seen the blue screen on XP. It's funny because I've been told by Windows users that it doesn't exist in XP, yet I witnessed it two weeks ago when a colleague of mine was trying to do something with Adobe Acrobat. The program just spazzed and the blue screen came up.

    The reason you don't see it much is because the new default in XP is to just reboot the machine instead of sitting on that screen. It's still there.

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 22, 10:29 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    1) This is a new low for Samsung. Apple had a specific complaint about a specific device. Now Samsung replies with this patent nonsense? Really it makes Samsung look desperate and weak.

    2) I bet one day in the near future Samsung will regret this move. Apple will source other fabs for their business. Micron, AMD's spun-off foundry, heck even Intel would probably work something out just for Intel. These American companies wouldn't steal Apple's IP.

    1) No it's not.

    The world does not revolve around Apple.
    In fact Jobs has made plenty of enemies that are laughing right now.

    2) Not a chance in the world.

    How quickly you forget that Apples the aggressor, Samsung is merely defending themselves. Anyone whos paying attention knows Apples iPhone success is massive. There's no basis for Apples petty plotting.

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  • They taste nasty. I#39;ve

  • obey908
    Sep 15, 05:46 AM
    1 Chocolate birthday, 2 chocolate pb swirl, 2 pumpkin spice, 1 red velvet, and 1 vanilla/chocolate. Picking them up tomorrow

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  • systole
    May 3, 08:13 AM
    Anyone find it odd that the only 3.1Ghz Quad-Core i5 listed on intel's website is a Embedded Intel� Core™ i5-2400 Processor (6M Cache, 3.10 GHz) Unless they released the 27" with a brand new i5?

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  • whatever
    Oct 23, 11:18 AM
    oh great. so those mac users who are possibly interested in actually getting a legitimate version now have to pay a lot...

    ...kinda puts one of getting a legitimate version...
    Come on, who really buys legal copies of Windows?

    A few years ago I tried to buy a legal copy of Windows 2000 (the software I was loading required 2000 and would not work on XP). I started off at CompUSA and after a few more stores I ended up contacting Microsoft directly and they thought I was crazy. They were totality confused by my request to buy a legal copy of Windows. They referred me to the restore discs that came with a Dell we had. Well, that didn't really help much. And then they actually recommended that I borrow a copy from a friend.

    And here I was trying to buy a legal copy of Windows from MS, granted it wasn't the latest version (however XP had just come out, so 2000 wasn't that old) and MS was telling me to pirate the software.

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  • dXTC
    Dec 29, 01:01 PM
    Anyone who would pay for such a thing may be even more disturbed than she is.


    I am an FA myself, and have turned my head in admiration towards women that would make most men say "Daaaaaaaaaamn!", but I wouldn't pay to see this. I'm not into feederism; there's usually a control/codependency issue at play, and I prefer more equity in my relationships.

    As I said above, I've seen cuter SSBBWs. The "Steelers Girl" is one:

    The "Son, I Am Moon" girl has a sweet smile too, but I can't seem to find an online image that works.
    EDIT: Found it!

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  • Doctor Q
    Dec 2, 12:20 PM
    In this case, it has been examined, and the result is that there will be a Kernel Panic.

    The important thing is, there is no security risk. Nobody can use this to install a virus or adware on your computer. They can use it to crash your computer - once if you are clever, twice if you are not quite so clever, but not more often. They can't do anything but crash the computer.Mac OS X is so stable that I am perfectly comfortable working for an hour in between saving my open files. If I was likely to run into websites that purposely exploited a flaw to crash my Mac, I'd have to change my habits and live more defensively.

    Sure, losing work would be my fault for not saving after each keystroke, but I'd still blame the website. For example, suppose it was a site pretending to take a political poll, but if you voted against their favored choice, they punished you with a system crash. Even if this is not a security concern, it's a concern, and I'd like to see it fixed.

    These types of reports don't panic me and I'm glad that Apple does pay attention to most bugs and security concerns. I don't expect them to avoid all glitches, only to make a reasonable effort when programming their O.S. and applications, and to fix problems that are later revealed.

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  • CDCC
    Apr 22, 10:49 PM
    Germany is a painful place to defend a patent suit.

    They may have better luck there.

    The U.S. is still pro MS and pro PC. I heard the people in Europe love Macs.

    Ever see the movie "The Lady with the Dragon Tattoo"?

    I hope the judges are Mac users!

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  • Chupa Chupa
    Apr 12, 09:05 AM
    Bolding mine... As a point of contention. Especially since iDevices don't even saturate the USB bus. I doubt Apple will spend more money to use faster Flash storage. Especially when (as of right now) Windows PCs don't have ThunderBolt.

    Theoretically, but those of us that remember the iPod FW days know reality from benchmarks.

    TB will only start to get popular when its released on Windows.

    True, which is why Apple has a 1 year head start. Manufacturers will be jumping to get onto the Apple early adopter bandwagon b/c the profit margins will be fat. It will then spill over to the PC world.

    When is that going to happen? I am not against Thunderbolt; not at all. I would love to have that kind of features in my iMac and a new Macbook Air if possible.

    But when are we going to see those devices which take full advantage of Thunderbolt/LightPeak ports.
    For eg,

    - would it be possible to backup and sync full 64GB full iPad in 20s?
    At the moment, NO.
    - would it be possible to backup a whole TB of harddrive on an iMac in < 15 min?
    At the moment, NO.

    The question is:

    For a consumer/pro-sumer, is Thunderbolt redundant for now? Will it take another generation of macbook pro's to generate pro-consumer Tunderbolt supported products?

    Thanks for answering.

    TB isn't redundant right now, it's dormant. The TB port on the MBPs right now is effectively useless until there are peripherals to connect to it. But as this thread demonstrates they are coming. First to the pro market but it will drip down during the course of the year. I think Mac OS X 10.7 and iOS5 are going to provide more urgency for TB in consumer markets as well. WWDC will be the big kick off.

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  • synp
    Apr 14, 09:30 AM
    A native Mac OS X app that will run iOS apps.

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  • funny fortune cookie sayings

  • rovex
    Apr 15, 02:51 AM
    Got an issue with ipad, not sure it's this update but anyway...

    The downloaded apps load for like 1 second and then returns to the home screen, can't seem to fix it.

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  • MacinDoc
    Apr 13, 07:49 PM
    Actually, I'd call this bad news. It pretty much confirms that iP5 isn't coming any time soon.

    Oh well, maybe iP5 will be shipping by the time Shaw Wireless starts up services in ~ January 2012.

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  • Ryan1524
    Apr 14, 12:34 AM (
    Pure Wonder and Fascination ( - What I wouldn't give to see with her eyes again.

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  • soberbrain
    Apr 13, 02:20 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    No demand for another smart TV.

    Instead Apple TV needs more features:

    - access to more web content
    - more integration with macs and iDevices
    - DVR that's iDevice compatible without transcoding
    - gaming

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  • mikethebigo
    Apr 12, 09:03 AM
    Looks like ill be going to Android.

    Why? You know, arguably the best Android phone out right now (the Nexus S) still basically has the same processor and a lower res screen than the iPhone 4. In fact, I think the iPhone 4 will easily pass the test of time until September, especially if it gets some iOS 5 goodness in the summer.

    Nov 11, 03:39 AM
    just goes to show people still want to be able to see flash on their iphones reguardless of how bloated

    Not an accurate deduction from this app's popularity.

    See, this app is a very slick implementation of Flash on the iOS. No bloat, and everything's fast and battery efficient, because iOS sees it as HTML5. All the bloat and processing is on the Skyfire servers.

    All you can tell from Skyfire's success is that people want Flash as long as it is as good or better than HTML5.

    Old Muley
    Mar 31, 01:43 PM
    I don't really care what it looks like; just come up with a clean way of syncing iCal (home) with Outlook (work) without having to go through Google. It's a huge pain having to maintain two separate calendars!

    Apr 26, 12:36 PM
    I don't know if I should laugh or cry ...

    People are freaking out because of a service that is 5.4 cents a day
    People are calling their days ruined because of a service is $1.6 a month
    People are crying foul because of a service for $20 a year

    Get real people - no company owes you anything for free. If you are cheap and won't pay, just don't sign up - but don't run around crying claiming that you deserver everything for free.

    Apr 29, 03:06 PM
    I am buying my music from where it is cheapest. If Apple wants me to buy from them, they know what they need to do.

    Mar 31, 06:11 PM
    That's terrible. I use a computer because I don't want to use paper. And I don't want to see paper on my computer screen. Bone-heads. Need to get rid of these old paper-centric fogies at Apple.

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