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funny ice breaker questions

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  • SensaiMinstixs
    Jun 6, 11:51 AM
    $1000 worth of a beating he'd get if i were his parent. Luckily for kids, i hate them and would never have one. Ever.

    You sound like a wonderful human being.

    Your sarcasm is inappropriate. This poster has a right to her/his opinion. There are plenty of folks that think that kids are a bad idea, especially in their case. I'm proud of the fact I don't have kids: I'd beat them just like Joan Crawford did in Mommy Dearest. :mad:

    So let get this right sarcasm is bad, but advocating the physical assault of children on a public MR forum is ok I'm new to MR so I'm still trying to figure how this whole thing works:confused:

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  • vmachiel
    May 3, 08:37 AM
    Those things are beasts!

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  • mscriv
    Mar 1, 10:38 AM
    I heard some radio jocks this morning say that they think this whole Charlie Sheen thing is a bit. Kinda like the whole Joaquin Phoenix thing or a radio shock jock who just goes way over the top. Of course the partying and lifestyle is real, but they were talking about this present media tour and the crazy talk he's spouting. It all equals more publicity for him, the network, and the show.

    After thinking about it this explanation sounds pretty reasonable. If it's not that, then as many have said he's had a break with reality of some sort and the eventual end is not going to be pretty.

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  • Photek
    Jul 24, 03:43 PM
    WOW..... a mouse that not only gets clogged with fluff, rendering the scroll wheel useless... but ALSO eats batterys like sweets.......

    where do I get one of those from:D

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  • benjags
    Nov 4, 06:44 PM
    Maybe I need more RAM, but I was dissapointed to be reminded of Virtual PC, the way it totally slows the rest of my Mac down... (
    [click for bigger image]

    kinda off topic, but i really think Vista looks a lot better without all the "aero transparency thing" making the windows titles a little too much unreadable...

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  • macenforcer
    Jul 25, 10:20 AM

    Been waiting for this sucker.

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  • satkin2
    Apr 1, 02:55 AM
    No having a Lion preview I can't say for sure, but I would imagine this will look odd if windowed along side other windows with a different UI. However the push from Apple appears to be for full screen apps. You'd simply switch your app and the whole screen shows what your working on.

    In full screen mode I can see how this iCal UI would work, it will be like having your whole screen as a calendar. I can only really see an issue when working with side by side windows. No matter how much Apple push thier ideas, some people will prefer to work this way.

    To be honest I couldn't care what it looks like. Its the abilities of the programme that matter to me. If there are new features introduced that make iCal a better programme then great. The UI is ultimately just superficial to the abilities the programme offers the user.

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 13, 01:47 PM (

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  • Mystikal
    Mar 16, 03:11 PM
    Yes this was at Irvine Spectrum. The Apple guy said to try again tomorrow.

    Has anyone heard from Mission Viejo??

    Heres my probably wrong theory:
    Fashion island got them yesterday.
    South Coast got them today.
    Spectrum tomorrow? Maybe =\.

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  • steadysignal
    Apr 14, 08:32 AM
    It's the mythical xMac! :p

    can i has one?


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  • crees!
    Jul 26, 01:44 PM
    I'm still not too sure how gestures would work to control such a device unless there was a camera. Have you see the "gestures" video? It would be done by physically touching the iPod. No camera needed.

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  • DavidLeblond
    Jul 25, 09:25 AM
    Huh, I notice "Wireless keyboard and mouse" is no longer an option for BTO iMac... thats odd. You'd think they'd at least keep the regular bluetooth mouse there until they figure out what to charge for the BTO bluetooth MM.

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  • fredfnord
    Oct 5, 06:52 PM
    Not that anyone is reading this thread still, but just in case some of you are:

    If you are missing incoming texts, calls, and/or voicemails, when you're in a covered area, this MAY NOT BE A NETWORK PROBLEM.

    I had a Blackberry that had all these problems two years ago, and I eventually mentioned it to a savvy AT&T rep. He got me a replacement SIM card and all the problems went away as if by magic.

    Also, just another anecdotal experience: I live in San Francisco and spend most of my time here, and I haven't had a dropped call since I got my iPhone a few months ago. However, I have run into numerous situations where the data connection stopped working. In fact, to give an idea of the magnitude of the problem: I walk to work. I like to listen to a streaming internet radio station, one which tacks a ten second ad to the beginning every time you start the stream but otherwise does not have any ads. The last time I tried to listen to it while walking home from work, I literally heard the ad for more total time than I heard the station. Which is to say, the stream very rarely worked for more than twenty seconds at a time.


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  • stevegmu
    Jan 30, 12:28 AM
    LOL... my friend, lets look at this logically. The United States debt surpasses every combined nations of Earth. Our currency is no longer backed by gold, 100% of our income tax pays the interest on our national debt. We transfered our producing companies to other countries. Most people have taken out equity loans on their homes and have maxed out their credit. The middle class will be no more and there is no getting out of our predicament. We are simply not producing enough money to ever get out of debt and with inflation out of control and devaluation of our currency a collapse will happen. In 1929 the good to debt ratio before the collapse was 1:16 as of 2006 it was sitting at 1:60. I have nothing to prove other than I'd cash out now and invest when this happens.

    The National debt is meaningless. It is actually going down yearly in relation to GDP.
    Do you even have any idea when the last time the US was on the Gold Standard? Can you name any other country whose currency is backed by gold?
    If 100% of our income tax pays off the interest on the Debt, how then does the government operate?
    Now you are just getting silly. Most people have taken out equity loans and maxed out their credit? Please.
    America is still a manufacturing giant. Our exports to China were up 21% last quarter. We are still known for high quality, precision manufacturing few countries can match- with the exception of Germany.
    There are more middle class Americans today than in any other point in history.
    Why do you think a weak dollar is bad? Sure, there may be some inflation, however, a weak dollar is good for exports and tourism. Take a look at Boeing vs. Airbus, as it relates to the devaluation of the dollar. There's a reason China artificially keeps their currency devalued.
    Somehow, I doubt you have a dime invested in the market...

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  • Intell
    Apr 27, 10:31 AM
    After the uneventful night in the brig, chrmjenkins awoke to a new sight. What he saw was NathanMuir frozen in banana flavored Popsicle. After thinking about whether he should free him, he saw appleguy321 sulking in the corner. "Why are you so down and sad?" he asked.

    "Their going to eject us out into space." appleguy123 replied.

    "Do you want to help free NathanMuir?"

    "You don't want to lick that. It isn't a Popsicle." appleguy312 said with a weak smile. chrmjenkins, now repulsed by the encapsulated NathanMuir, started to panic. "Must not panic, must not panic." he muttered.

    "Here read this, it'll calm you down." said appleguy312 as he handed him an Intell Classmate sized thing with glowing writing on the side. chrmjenkins opened it and was presented with an animated picture of a common bending robot drinking tea. "Is this all it does?"

    "No, it usually does more. But I think it needs its fuel cell replaced. I put my last one in my lightvibrator." Then a loud grinding noise sounded out across the rooms walls. A wide hole opened in the ceiling and little compressed cubes of garbage dropped in. Then just as suddenly as the ceiling opened, the floor dissolved into empty space. Everyone and everything in the room instantly got flung into space.

    Now the proper thing for one to do in outer space would be to exhale to prevent one's lungs from exploding one's chest. NathanMuri, unable to do so, exploded in to a horrid scene. appluguy123 and chrmjenkins held on to each other in their last moments of life. The chance of getting picked up in the vastness of space is roughly 42 to the power of 01189998819991197253, which just so happens to be a random number made up off the top of Graham Linehan's mind.

    Lucky for the protagonists in this story, a ship materialized out of nowhere right around them and a few garbage cubes.

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  • Dr. Echsel
    May 3, 08:08 AM
    Just bought mine :cool: I can't wait to get it!

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  • sinser
    Apr 1, 10:23 AM
    Lol, it's really, really ugly. Looks horrible to me and has nothing to do with the minimal Apple look I love. Reminds me of those GTK apps running on old Linux distros.

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  • Chappers
    May 2, 04:13 AM
    Getting a DNA finger print is pretty quick these days - I presume they did that.

    Did they try and capture him - I doubt it - a living Osama is worth two dead ones.

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  • SeniorGato1
    Apr 22, 10:39 AM
    Yet another reason to go with Android.

    Oct 24, 07:46 AM
    i mean for everyone who waited this long, Santa Rosa is coming up soon, so why not wait for that as well? i say get what you need when you need it... there will always be newer tech down the line

    Apr 26, 02:37 PM
    If it's 20$ a year with the whole mobile me plus this I would pay... Just for this I wouldn't...
    But I think this should be ofered free for a one or two year free for any new hard purchases... :D

    French iPod
    Oct 24, 09:03 PM
    Since we bought a new T.V. for the upstair loft i'm going to ask for a PS3:D i have a 360 but i don't really like the controls on the controller there so confusing:confused: and i want to play online (i heard that it's free for playing online:D)!! also might going to ask the new apple mouse since my current mouse is a bit fcked-up :S

    it's not my final "list" but i'll stick with the PS3

    Apr 29, 03:00 PM
    Oooh things are heating up :D

    I'm not gonna buy music from Amazon again though, I downloaded 1 song for my Dad once from there. Because iTunes didn't have it, and Amazon emailed me for weeks with spam.

    Oh hell yeah, I just loaded up with a bunch of my favorites, Thanks Amazon!

    I buy lots of stuff from Amazon, without a single problem with spam. No tax, no hassle, just a terrific place to do business.

    Amazon has been my favorite for years. :)

    May 3, 08:43 AM
    Excellent news!

    I'm looking to spend some grant money and 4 x 27" iMacs and a couple 2 TB Time Capsules sounds like a great idea!

    Do you want to buy 4 iMac 27''? Really nice :rolleyes:, but why??

    And also, a couple of Time Capsules? What are you planning to do with a computer?

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