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    03-21 09:30 AM
    Readers have been sending me the best links. Here's one from the latest issue of Newsweek: As the white house revives immigration reform�an issue the president is discussing with congressional leaders�it may want to ponder the effects of curbing foreign labor. While immigrants are blamed for dragging down American wages and stealing jobs, University of California, Davis, economist Giovanni Peri comes to a different conclusion. In a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, Peri trowels through nearly five decades of immigration data and finds that foreign workers have boosted the economy, jacking up average income without crowding out American...

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  • vikki76
    07-14 08:12 PM
    Yes- you can start sole proprietorship on EAD and there is no need to inform USCIS. Only complications will be taxes, nothing else.
    Sole Proprietorship should not become your main employer if you are main (primary) applicant of 485 application.

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  • tnite
    12-05 03:32 PM
    I am July 2nd filer and got EAD approved.

    My 485 notice has Received Date as July 19th 2007 and Notice Date as October 17th 2007.

    Do i need to calculate 180 days from July 19th 2007 OR Oct 17th 2007 if i want to change the jobs?

    July 19th..It's always the Receipt date

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  • satishku_2000
    06-14 02:27 PM
    Processing of 140 applications in NSC now takes 9 to 12 months . The movement of dates only will make things worse for processing of all the applications.

    Hope it does not take more than a year for AP and EAD ...


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  • ajay
    02-10 10:03 AM
    I am waiting on my AP for myself and wife. I am not sure for how long the AP is approved for. I saw that it is sent and I should be getting in a couple of days probably.

    I also think that something should be done in order to get 3 year EAD/AP since the approval process is taking longer.

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  • belmontboy
    05-01 06:50 PM
    My firend lost his PERM approval document. Has anyone had the same experience?

    What are the steps to get a duplicate approval Perm document?
    i am not sure if u can get the copy. might want to check with some lawyer.


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  • pd_recapturing
    08-21 07:25 PM

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  • aachoo
    02-16 10:01 PM
    I have a quick question. My I140 got approved in sep'08. Should I have to wait till PD gets current or I can file for I485 and USCIS will process my application according to my PD?

    Any responce will be highly appreciated.


    I485 application can happen only when your PD is current.


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  • lymleon
    10-04 08:03 AM
    I wish to scroll horizontally using two custom buttons (a left & a right one) in a FlowLayoutPanel, while disabling the autoscroll properties, as I do not wish to have the scrollbar. The controls that will be added into the FlowLayoutPanel will be subjected to changes, as it depends the number of data in the database.
    So is there any tutorial/website that anyone can recommend for this related problem?
    And also, I do know what to put for my horizontalscroll.maximum and minimum value as my flow direction is RighttoLeft.

    Thanks for reading, and of course helping

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  • iv_only_hope
    01-17 02:57 PM


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  • moonbus
    04-29 10:58 AM
    My situation is: last entry to US with F1 visa as a student. After graduated, got H1 visa, but didn�t leave US during the period.
    When filling I485, need to answer the following questions.
    1. In what status did you last enter?
    For my case, should I fill �F1� here.
    2. Nonimmigrant Visa Number, Consulate where visa was issued and issue date?
    Does this refer to my H1 visa number? If so, since it is not issued by consulate, how I can answer the last two questions?
    Thank you veyr much.

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  • ilyaraja
    01-04 04:31 PM

    I have a question about a new H1-B application while I-485 is pending. If I-485 is pending and the person is currently working on EAD with expired H1-B, is there a requirement that the person has to leave the country to apply for a new H1-B based on pending I-485? If yes, will it affect the green card process negatively?

    My attorney says that as there was a gap in H1 status, one has to leave the country for a new H1 application, even though it is with the same employer.


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    09-12 05:10 PM
    James Carville's famous snowclone on how to win an election -- "It's the economy, stupid!"-- has new, very buff legs. With the traditional Labor Day launch of campaign season just six days ago, the American people have already witnessed the fur of political charges and countercharges flying. The 24/7 news cycle and the ocean of tweets, blogs and YouTube videos reveal a viral debate over which of the two parties is most responsible for the lingering frailty of the economy and the blight of persistent joblessness. Ruling out a fight for another massive stimulus bill, President Obama has opted for...

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  • ragz4u
    02-19 05:23 AM
    Have to admire the unity among the illegal aliens! After the rallies in DC and Philadelphia, they have joined hands again and had arranged rallies in Las Vegas
    and Grand Rapids, MI

    We are 100% legal aliens and it is 100% legal to hold a peaceful rally. Please support IV in holding a rally in DC on March 13th. Details can be found on this thread


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  • fromnaija
    12-09 04:25 PM
    If you have only one copy ICE officer will make a copy at the port of entry and give you the original. If you have two copies, ICE will take one and give you the other.

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  • jliechty
    March 29th, 2005, 01:24 PM
    I could speculate endlessly, but I'll go out on a [thick and sturdy] limb and say:

    No, that is not legitimate. You will either get 1) ripped off yourself, or 2) ripped off equipment. In other words, you don't get what you don't pay for.

    A Big Inmigration Question????? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : A Big Inmigration Question?????


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  • hcard
    06-05 02:32 PM
    What should be filled for question 16 in I765 form.
    My lawyer asked me to fill C C 9, but the instruction says C 9. Which is correct.

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  • zonezo786
    05-02 12:17 AM
    It depends, on several factors inlcuding which service center it filed, is there any RFE or any document missing etc.
    In ideal case it geenrally takes 4-8+ weeks.
    If you want any fater within 2 weeks) you can file under premium prossing with addtional 1000$ fee.

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  • number30
    10-06 02:15 PM
    Hi Friends,
    My AP is expering next month(NOV), I don't have any travel plans for next 1 year. i'm planing to apply in 2010 not now.

    do i need to apply for extesion for evey year, if don't need also?


    There is no AP renewal. You can apply AP later if you are not planning to travel. But AP is for travel during emergencies. It takes time to get the AP approval. Hence people keep it current all the time.

    05-24 10:42 PM
    I would suggest keep Visitor Visa appointment on separate date as your parent will not have option saying they want to meet kids and spend more time with you.

    07-08 02:16 PM
    Does IV have any contacts with tech lobby so that messages can be sent out as soon as possible?

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