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  • gc_bucs
    04-05 08:17 PM
    It's still too soon to answer these kinda questions..

    So what's the final word about the EB3 all categories retrogression? Will that be resolved soon? what are the chances in plain english?

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  • smarth
    09-21 07:59 AM
    My Checks enchased by USCIS 2 days back.
    Application was sent to Nebraska.

    When will I receive Receipt and EAD?

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-31 12:24 PM
    You may be eligible. CIS usually requires 4 years of university-level education for a degree, or 3 years experience for every one year missing from a 4-year degree. An educational evaluator could say for certain if you have the equivalent of a US bachelor's degree.

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  • ameerka_dream
    03-30 09:40 AM


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  • otro+
    02-16 11:25 PM
    my wife did the same, and had no problem
    check with your lawyer

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  • INSpector
    09-14 05:34 PM

    what is the right address to submit the I485 / EAD and AP using Fedex and fill it in Nebraska?

    My attorney submitted my paperwork to:

    850 S Street POBOX 87845 ?
    I'm confused becase in the CIS site give the address in parentesis mention to write down the right POBOX.

    What if she maid a mistake and send the paperwork to POBOX 87485?

    I will be in DC, and we have rented a bus departing from wallace NC monday at 12:00hrs I still have sits available, we will drive to rRaleigh, the Virginia then DC


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  • insbaby
    06-22 01:55 PM
    My passport expires in Jan 2010.

    Is there a time frame by which I need to renew passport? Can I go sometime this month or should it be within 6 months of expiration?

    Thanks in advance.

    Washington DC - Indian Embassy - 6 months before.

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  • trs80
    05-25 03:20 PM
    Recently I registered in this website and I found is a great way to express our needs and keep informed about the immigration debate.

    I see that PR and USVI are no listed in the state list. Here live a lot of H and L visa holders.

    Recently my company lawyers told me that they summit my LC application using PERM.
    What is the estimated time to get the Labor Certification?

    Any idea of the GC process time in PR (I think that processing center is Vermont) ?




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  • boreal
    01-10 02:30 PM
    I was trying to find out if one can transfer from b1/b2 visa category to H1- B visa within the valid period of stay(i.e before the expiry of the I-94).

    Go out of the country and come back in H1 status, provided you have a valid H1-B. (Can go to Canada also). Otherwise, too many hassles. (non-immigrant vs immigrant intent)

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  • vkarthik
    11-05 04:12 PM
    Not sure if I'm allowed to post such a question here, still trying ...

    I have my H1 visa interview in Vancouver, Canada on the 21st of Nov. I'll be driving from Hillsboro (OR) to Vancouver on the 20th evening. I also have hotel reservation very close to the US embassy.

    I was wondering if anyone who has an interview on the same day might be interested in sharing the ride and/or hotel expenses. Since the 22nd is a holiday, and I need to stay back for another day to get the visa, I have the hotel room booked from the 20th through the 23rd.

    Please let me know if you are interested, we'll discuss further.


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  • angiusa
    04-03 04:04 PM
    I have worked for Company "A"(Ex-employer) under H1-B(company A holding my H1-b) from 2007-2010. During 2009 & 2010, company A was unable to clear all my payments as the company went through some financial hurdles but they issued W-2 for the amount paid in fiscal year 2009. Now, company A has got money and they decided to clear my back wages for 2009-2010 through 1099 form. I transferred my H1-B visa to Company B(2010) then to Company C(current employer). Now, Company C has started my Green card(GC) process.

    1. I already received W2 for 2009. Can company A amend the W2 for the back wages?
    2. Is it legal to take the unpaid amount under 1099? Will it affect my GC process?
    3. What are my options to get my back wages from company A?
    4. Company A want to issue 1099 along with a letter stating that i was full time employee for the time period mentioned in 1099. Is it acceptable?

    I really appreciate your help for taking your valuable time in clarifying my questions. I look forward for your reply.

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  • Blog Feeds
    11-20 03:12 AM
    I usually use this space's real estate to criticize the tactics of the antis. But I'll give them some credit for the extremely effective job they did during the first two rounds of immigration reform earlier this decade. That was largely because of a well organized grass roots effort that left the pro-immigrant forces in the dust. The Reform Immigration For America coalition has sought to help the pros get caught up. And they are starting to show real muscle. Last night, an estimated 60,000 people participated in 1000 house parties across the country where they listened in to a...

    More... (


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  • iiscterp
    06-08 02:32 PM
    I am kind of a novice.
    could you guys tell me where I can find the text of the immigration bill?.

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  • semiGator
    12-16 10:39 AM
    As the article stated there are 47 million latinos and majority of them are citizens.....we don't have that kind of numbers to make an impact on either party.


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  • weilai
    06-23 06:50 PM
    My wife had a H1B working for company A from 08/2003 to 07/2005 (from I-94) and she filed another H1B application to work for company B in 05/2004. She got the notice, stopped working for company A and started working for company B. However, she never got the aprroval notice for the second H1B application. Actually this case is currently still pending. She worked for company B until 07/2005 which is the expiration date of the first H1B. She changed to F2 later in 07/2005. I was wondering if there is any problem about status or employment authorization for this period of time from 08/2003 to 07/2005.

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  • perm2gc
    06-28 01:08 AM
    Please stop posting such posts.


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  • saddaypally
    04-15 07:34 AM
    Folks, I'm in the current sitation. In 6th year of H1B, aplied for PERM labor pending with ATL processing center for >15 mtonhs. Attorneys are filing for 7th year extension. I need to traval in the next 2 weeks but not confident enough to get everything right, I need my visa stamped aswell, which with the current H1B validity, would be onlyuntil 22nd Oct 2009. I did try to convince my Managers that they file the extension under premium processing and I could get extended visa until Oct 2010, but Attorney advised that it is not necessary and I should be fine to go, get my visa stamped and come back.

    2 points I'm concerned about are,
    1. Since I have < 6 months validty on current H1B is it safe to travel and I would hopefully have my extsntion reciept number when I go for stamping.
    2. Heard lot about denial of entry at POE, I'm trying to avoid certain airports that I has problems (JFK, EWR etc). Not sure I'm doing enough to be safe.

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.


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  • emilytai
    06-26 01:03 PM
    Dear All:

    I-140 approval 6/25/08
    I-485 approval 6/26/08
    EB-2 Concurrent filing
    I-140 Sent 07/30/07
    I-140 Notice 09/18/07
    Title: Accountant

    But I just submit I-765 (EAD) renew by 6/22/08. Now I found out my I-140 and I-485 are all approved. Can I revoke or withdraw I-765(EAD) from USCIS?
    Do anyone have similar case?


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  • Blog Feeds
    12-10 09:30 AM
    The Senate voted 59-40 this morning to table Senator Durbin's latest version of the DREAM Act and will instead take up the House version passed last night probably early next week. That's important for a couple of reasons (and probably good news overall). First, the bill will not need to be sent back to the House to reconcile differences between the two bills. Second, the tax bill that has given some on the fence Republicans the excuse to filibuster the DREAM Act may be dealt with by then. Finally, there is some additional time to round up a couple of...

    More... (

    08-04 12:48 PM
    If your wife is using the EAD obtained after you filed I-485, she is no longer on H4. Technically there is no reason for her to still be on H4 but if you want her to maintain H4 she may need to travel out of country and obtain a new H4 visa with your new approved H1.
    Also technically she was not out of status since you spplied I-485 before the previous H4 expired.

    03-24 09:57 PM
    yup, everything here is done in flash... vectorized.. tnx for the comments dude!

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